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who I am

how I work and make

My name is Ida Jonsson and all ihenie products are made by me, by hand. Its a slow labour of love.

After over a decade living in London and working in design and craft, I am back in my native Oslo - feeling inspired and surprisingly obsessed with knitting and handicrafts. How very Norwegian of me.

Each piece made is one I would actually rather keep, but here I am, sharing them with you anyway. I hope you love them as much as I do.

ihenie products are made using locally sourced yarn, often deadstock that may otherwise have been discarded.

I buy yarns in batches - that is to say, I buy a small selection of lovely colours in limited quantities. From these yarns I offer the chance to buy made to order or the products i decide to design and make. When the batch is gone, I get a new one, which might be completely different both in colours and textures. This allows for an array of unique garments and a big step away from mass-production and -consumption.

Seasonally I will make what is requested, but also what I feel like and need. So expect more wools during a tough Scandi Winter and more soft cottons in Summer, but crossovers are very welcome and often a nice break from what is current.

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